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Whispers of War
Editors Marks below

A young Masood Khalili, a political officer of his party, writes to his wife in his diary as he travels by horse, donkey and foot through the hard and high mountains of Northern Afghanistan to motivate his people in fighting against the Soviet invaders.  He tells you of the real pain and suffering of the poor Afghan people during this 10 year war with one of the super powers of the world.

It is already being translated into French and Spanish.

"Memoirs of Ustad Khalili", the poet. 

Book written by Marie Khalili.

Editors remarks below. 

A wonderful collection of conversations between the renowned poet, Ustad Khalili, and his eldest daugher, Marie Khalili. Only published in Dari for now, an English translation is soon to be released. This book gives a very personal insight about Ustad Khalilullah Khalili and a must read if you are a fan of the poet. 


Please follow the "read more" link to the amazon page. 

Assamblea de polillas

Translated by Fuen Sisla

Editors remarks below

Assembly of Moths was originally translated from Dari to English. A close Spanish Family friend, Fuencisla Gozalo, translated the work of Ambassador Khalili's father as a birthday present for him.  She is the head of the Cometa Fundacion that has started the first Spanish school in Kabul, Afghanistan.  Her work on Assamble de polillas has been praised by many literary critics from around Spain.



Pervaneler Meclisi

Translated by Provincial Government of Konya

Editors remarks below


While in Turkey, as a regular visitor to the city, the Provincial government of Konya asked Ambassador Khalili if they could translate Assembly of moths into Turkish and as a way to promote the culture of his country, he agreed.  It was recieved very well by the media and people of that country, which has a deep history with Afghanistan. 


Quatrains et autres Poemes

Translated by Jean Paul Kowaliski and Anita Bayandorian

Editors remarks below


Jean Paul Kowaliski is a close family friend and academic who has always had an interest in the world of Poetry and Sufism. A long time family friend, he translated a collection of Ambassador Khalili's fathers poetry from Dari to French. The book was launched at the Afghan Embassy in Paris, France. It has recieved many praises by literary critics. 

Assembly of Moths

Translated by Whitney Azoy

Editors remarks below


A long time lover of Afghanistan, Mr. Azoy published a book on Afghan politics called "Buzkashi." He and Ambassador Khalili became friends in Pakistan during the war against the Soviets, when the two took a handful of trips into Afghanistan together.  In early 2000, Mr. Azoy and Ambassador Khalili worked hard to translate this first translation in English. Since then, it has been translated into Spanish, French and Turkish. 

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