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Los Sussuros de la Guerra

"It felt as if I was travelling on your shoulder, up every mountain and over every rock. I took the trip with you, our minds and souls were connected."   Nun at a Madrid Church. 

Already in its third print cycle, Los sussuros de la Guerra or Whispers of war has become an instant favourite of those people that have read the book.  Masood Khalili's eldest son, Mahmud, translated this book from Dari to English, when it was picked up by a good family friend, Fuen Cisla, native of Madrid and translated into Spanish. She spent many months working hard on the manuscript. Readers have commmended her work and have said that the translation is top notch. 

Los Sussuros de la Guerra is the story of a young political leader of Afghanistan on one of his journeys into the country to mobilize the people and motivate them to keep the fight going. His aim is also to see the hero of Afghanistan, the young Commander Ahmed Shah Massoud. This is the story of what he sees, what he feels, who he talks to and what they say to him. It is the story of the suffering and anquish of the common people of Afghanistan during the 1980's war against the Red Army. 

What makes this story even more unique is that Masood Khalili writes all of these events for his wife, Sohaillah. At every stop, he takes out his yellow notebook and writes to her so that she can understand the plight of her poor, war torn people. 

"I was lost in my life, addicted to drugs and alcohol. After reading this book, I am now filled with hope. I have stopped taking drugs, found a job and am happy. Thank you for everything. "   Unnamed Spanish Reader.

Available on Amazon or Please click on the  image below to get more info on Whispers or buy the book: 

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