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All videos have been posted from Youtube. 

            AFGHANISTAN AT A GLANCE. TEDxAlcobendas.  Ambassador Khalili simplifies Afghanistan within 16 minutes.

Fundacion Cometa. A Speech on Spanish Tv about a book release for Afghan children. 

General Directorate of Spanish Police. Ambassador Khalili spoke to 1400 officers about Afghanistan. 

A play in Japan depicting the last minutes of Commander Masood's life. Ambassador is seen hugging the Commander.

Spanish Book launch of Assembly of Moths, a poetry collection of his fathers, Ustad Khalili's, poems. 

Clip from Indian News Media after the assasination of Commander Massoud where Ambassador Khalili also almost lost his life. 

A documentary about the Sufi Saint Rumi. 

RADIO: BBC's Lyse Doucet interviewing Ambassador Masood Khalili for BBC RadioCategoryNews & Politics.

Ambassador Masood Khalili reciting poems of Mawlana Rumi Balkhi and talking about personality of the poet and his opinion of humanity and coexistence.

SaBa Tv interview in Kabul. Interview is in Farsi. 34 minutes. Gives his opinions about the situation. 

Ambassadors interview with Cordoba Internacional TV. Interview is translated into Spanish. 

Documentary called "WHO KIILLED MASSOUD?" Ambassador Khalili talks about Commander Massouds assasination. 

TOLOnews Interivew. 08 August 2013. Interview is in Dari. 

7th death anniversary of Ahmad Shah Masoud. Speech is in Dari.

Annual Rumi Sema twirling Dervishes Ceremony in Qunya, Turkey. Ambassador talks about Poetry and Rumi. 

TOLOnews Mehwar Interview on Ustad Rabbani anniversary, 2015. Interview is in Dari. 

Khurshid News on his father, Ustad Khalilullah Khalili, 2015. Interview is in Dari. 

Casa Asia in Madrid. Whispers of War, Mobilizing People. Feb 2016. Interview is in English.

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Tolonews Mehman-e-Yaar. 2015. Interview is in Dari. 

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